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7.1 Media Strategist

It is the responsibility of the media strategist to organize and direct all activities that will have an impact on the public perception of Recovery Center operations. It should be understood that the media strategist works under the Recovery Center Director and any major decisions or announcements need the Director's approval.

The news media is a very important element to a successful recovery. The child's face on the news may help the child be seen and recovered. The media coverage will bring needed resources, searchers, reward donations, etc. Let the media help you, but don't let them become the focus. The child is always the focus. Police involvement serves to legitimize the recovery effort in the eyes of the media. Coverage is also important in letting people know about any reward.

Solicit the media's personal involvement in the case. Remember, search activities bring media; media brings more searchers. Reinforce this dynamic as much as possible.


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