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6.4 Food Management

There is more than one way of thinking about providing food during a missing child incident: No food may be provided - especially if there is no source of refrigeration - or food may be provided for all the volunteers.

The public will want to help, and many will choose to help by donating food and by cooking and serving food and drink at the Recovery Center. Volunteers put in many hours, and if food is provided, more searching will take place. Having food available enables these searchers to continue as long as their stamina allows.

Because of these considerations, the Recovery Center needs to have in place a plan for handling food.

The Food Manager must work closely with the Resource Manager. The Resource List (Section on Resource List) will be the major source of items offered to the Recovery Center. It should be checked often for availability of food and related supplies and must be updated as offers are accepted. This is done on a Resource List Entry Form (See Figure: Resource List Entry Form).

Start Up Tasks

As soon as practical notify the phone bank personnel and the media spokesperson of the following needs:

Recommended Food Management

Food Management Suggestions

If a local church or organization cannot be enlisted to provide a food service, the following is recommended:

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