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6.1 Procuring Supplies

General office supplies are essential to run the Recovery Center and will be required immediately. Eventually there will be an Expense Fund (Section on Expense Fund), but in the mean time you will rely on your friends, business contacts, etc. When you have an Expense Fund, thank the people who donated if possible by buying the needed items at their store. Be sure the manager knows, this may make the difference in their decision to donate to a future child search.

Consider the following potential sources for supplies:

To avoid confusion have a limited number of people calling the stores. If the store agrees to donate, tell the manager that a runner will come to pick up the items and will have a Recovery Center nametag for identification. Inform the manager that all requests will be done in this manner. This procedure will protect businesses from theft in the name of child search efforts.

Upon termination of the recovery effort, send thank you letters to the proper management. This courtesy may make the difference in the decision to donate to a future child search.

All resource procurement needs to be controlled by the Resource Manager to avoid duplication and to ensure that all requests originate with the proper staff persons and that they get recorded. This care is especially important when arranging donations of expensive or difficult to obtain items. Find out what is being offered, how many, for how long, what is will cost, and what the Recovery Center is responsible for. These questions answered ahead of time will help to avoid confusion and unnecessary expense. Use the Resource List Entry Form (See Figure: Resource List Entry Form).

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