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6. Resource Management

The focus of the Recovery Center is to recover the missing child.

Responsibilities include the solicitation and disbursement of operating funds. The funds should be administered by a board (Section on Expense Fund). However, money for the day to day operating expenses needs to be available to Resource Management quickly.

The Resource Manager will work closely with Administration (Section on Resource List) to insure that the Resource List is kept current - in particular, what has been offered and what has been accepted by the Recover Center. Use the Resource List Entry Form (Figure: Resource List Entry Form).

Although Administration is responsible for the creation of flyers (Section on Flyers), it is the function of Resource Management to have the flyers reproduced and distributed.

Volunteers will need food and water. It may be possible to arrange for an outside organization to handle this critical need. A plan should be established as quickly as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.

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