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5.6 Phone Lines

Immediate installation of the telephone bank is a high priority in the first critical moments of the search effort. Contact should be made with local carriers to secure up to ten phone lines, all with individual caller ID units.

Minimize publication of any temporary Recovery Center phone numbers. Upon installation, immediately publicize the permanent numbers.

Required Phone Lines

Core Group Cellular Phones

Cellular telephones should be utilized to maintain communication when core team members must be away from the Recovery Center. The use of pagers may be considered if cellular phones are unavailable. Usage should be restricted to the core team and to the missing child's family. A cellular unit should be secured for the exclusive use of the family, with the number available only to search executives and to law enforcement.

Restrict all but one or two to local calling; long distance units must be well controlled--probably only needed for Director when off site. Maintain a supply of batteries, chargers, etc.

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