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5.5 Historian

The person who accepts this position will have ultimate control of all Historian records generated by the Recovery Center. This position must be managed with a firm hand. This is a fulltime job, and may even require more than one person. The Historian must not be assigned to or take on other duties.

The Historian's main goal is to acquire one copy (the Historian Copy) of each essential document generated during the Recovery Center operation. If using multiple part forms, one part is designated as the Historian copy. If using individual forms, a copy must be made for and retained by the Historian. Archiving of these records is essential for documentation and future investigation. Records must be stored daily under lock and key in restricted areas of the Recovery Center.

Records to be Archived

The Historian Copy as well as any otherwise unused copies of the following are to be archived:

In addition the following items should also be archived:

Access to Historian Records

Access to this archival information must be restricted to the Historian, the Director, and personnel designated by the Director. The Historian must be on guard for persons who will try to gain access to sensitive records for their own personal use or gain. Beware that this is a real problem throughout search activities. If any such dynamic is detected, advise the Director.

Shutdown Tasks

When the Recovery effort is terminated, the Director must determine who retains permanent custody of the archival records. Every situation is unique. Consider the following:

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