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5.4 List Maintenance

At least one dedicated computer will be required to keep up with the lists that are needed by the Recovery Center.

Volunteer List

Critical to efficient operation of the search effort is a complete list of all volunteers, and each and every time they volunteered. Two people will be required to see that lists are rigorously maintained and input to the computer on a daily basis. Constant referral will be made to this list during the search.

Information for the Volunteer List comes from the Sign In (See Figure: Sign In Form forms and the Volunteer Registration Agreement (See Figure: Volunteer Registration Agreement Form forms. There are a multitude of reasons for this list, including tracking of searchers who may not return as expected. History has shown that the abductor often wants to be part of the recovery team, and these lists have proven useful to law enforcement at a later stage in the investigation.

Recovery Center Directory

It is important that core group members be able to discuss situations as they arise. A Recovery Center Directory addresses this need by providing contact information for the core group and other staff (volunteers with red nametags and blue nametags). The Directory should include:

Resource List

A master Resource List should be maintained on a dedicated computer. This information will be prepared from the Resource List Entry Forms (See Figure: Resource List Entry Form ) gathered from the reception area and from the phone bank operators.

Make a copy of the Resource List Entry form for any offer of specialty items that might be needed by the targeting team (helicopters, infrared cameras, horse teams, dog teams, boats). Forward the copy to the targeting team immediately. All originals of the form go to the Resource List computer operator for entry.

It is important that the list be kept current and made available to Search Operations and to Administration so that offered resources are quickly matched with Recovery Center needs.

Be sure to get complete information including any limitations or costs attached to the offer to prevent misunderstandings and needless followup contacts. List all offers, even if not needed for the current phase of the search.

This list should contain the following information:

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