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5.2 FAX Operation

It is important to cover the area with the missing child's picture and to remind people that the child is missing. As more people see the flyer, more people will be on the lookout. This may increase pressure on the abductor to the point where the child is released.

Immediately saturate the area surrounding the site last seen. As soon as feasible, begin to FAX locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally in that order. Keep in mind that the missing child may be taken further away with each passing hour. Do not wait for the ground search to be completed to begin expanding the FAX area.

If available, consider the use of a TRAK system (Section on TRAK System) as a supplement to the Recovery Center FAX efforts.

FAX Distribution

FAX flyers to the following organizations and businesses: Chambers of Commerce and their members, local and regional law enforcement agencies, shopping centers, service stations and truck stops, hotels and motels, child related businesses, hospitals, doctor's offices, apartment complexes, airports, and rental car agencies.

Stand Alone FAX

FAXs can be sent from a stand alone FAX machine by manually dialing the number that is to receive the FAX. This will be a slow, tedious process. A FAX machine with broadcast capability will allow an operator to enter a list of destination numbers and let the FAX process them unattended.

If possible, a computer with FAX capability should be dedicated to this function.

Computer FAX

The best way to FAX flyers is from a dedicated computer FAX. Flyers sent from FAX machine to FAX machine will have very poor graphics. The use of a computer FAX will greatly improve the quality of the received FAX, even if the FAX is being sent to a FAX machine and not another computer.

The computer FAX operator needs to work with the flyer designer and agree on a file format that is compatible with both operations.

Normally a FAXed graphic image is darkened by FAXing. This should be considered, and a version of the flyer with a lightened image should be produced for FAXing.

The FAX software used should allow for batch FAXing to a list of phone numbers. The FAX number lists can be provided to the FAX software and the entire lists FAXed to without operator intervention.

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