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5.1 Flyers

A copy of every version of flyer that is produced should be filed with the Historian (Section on Historian).

TRAK Systems

A local law enforcement agency may have a TRAK (Technology to Recover Abducted Kids) (Contact Social Tech Inc.) system available for use in missing child incidents. TRAK is a dedicated computer system that can generate and distribute professional quality flyers very quickly. A recent photograph of the missing child and information about the incident is entered on a TRAK system in a matter of minutes, resulting in a ready to transmit flyer. The flyer can be transmitted simultaneously to a list of destination FAX machines and other TRAK systems.

While designing flyers, Recovery Center personnel should also investigate the availability of this powerful tool and consider using it as an adjunct to or replacement of the Recovery Center's efforts. Even if a TRAK system is available, mass flyer distribution, especially locally, is necessary.

Flyer Creation

The person creating flyers will:

Flyer Distribution

Post flyers in the offices and stores of the following organizations and businesses: Chambers of Commerce and their members, local and regional law enforcement agencies, shopping centers, service stations and truck stops, hotels and motels, child related businesses, hospitals, doctor's offices, apartment complexes, airports, and rental car agencies.

Equipment Required

Types of Flyers

Once the initial flyer is designed and printed any required changes need to be incorporated as quickly as possible. Flyers with different photographs can be useful in keeping the child's image in the public's eye. Flyers to support the ongoing law enforcement effort may need to be produced.

During the search the following types of flyers may be required:

Flyer Content

Flyers must contain accurate, complete, and concise information. Flyers will be the principal means of notifying the community about the missing child and his or her appearance. In many cases the most likely way that the child will be found will be by an observant citizen who has seen a flyer.

Flyers for Mass Distribution

When creating any flyer that will be distributed or published the following items are necessary:

A sample flyer is shown in Figure: Sample Public Flyer.

Specialty Flyers

Special 'flyers' may be needed for other uses. For example, a flyer format is appropriate for the case synopsis information (Section on Briefing) that is given to searchers. The synopsis flyer should contain, in addition to the above:

Shutdown Tasks

For archival purposes a copy of all computer files used in the production of flyers should be archived with the Historian.

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