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5. Administration

The focus of the Recovery Center is to recover the missing child.

The Administrator is responsible for all computer and general office support of the recovery effort.

Computers are needed to conduct the electronic aspect of the search for the missing child. This includes the generation of flyers of the missing child, distribution of flyers and press releases by FAX, internet communications, and maintaining lists of people and resources which support the search effort.

If at all possible, there should be dedicated computers for each task. Extra computers may be needed for List Maintenance and preparing various documents. There will be inevitable conflicts if it becomes necessary to share a computer for several tasks.

Interoperability is More Important Than Exact Hardware or Software.One approach to the interoperability problem is to reformat any machine that is volunteered and to install a single operating system and a consistent set of applications. If this approach is used, it must be clearly communicated to people volunteering machines since existing software and data on these machines will be lost.

The basic functions to be done by computer include:

Since machines will be volunteered, a minimum system requirement should be established early. Older machines that are volunteered from closets may be useful for routine tasks such as list maintenance, but not for more graphic intensive tasks.

The Administrator, with procurement assistance from Resource Management, is responsible for office supplies and equipment as well as general office support:

A copier for the office area should be obtained as soon as possible. Supplies should include pens, pencils, paper clips, spiral notebooks, copy paper, fax paper, computer disks, tape, Post-It notes, scissors, rulers, and poster board.

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