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4.10 Medical - First Aid

The First Aid Medic personnel should have EMT or Paramedic backgrounds.

The Medic should be on duty until the last search team of the day has returned.

Medic / First Aid Duties

Searcher First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are of immediate priority for the Recovery Center. They are to be sent out with every searcher in individual sized packaging. Consider including:

Put all items in sealable bags.

First Aid Center Supplies

The following items should be on hand at the First Aid Center:


A mobile ambulance with crew would be an ideal resource for the Recovery Center. The First Aid Medic could be in touch with the ambulance crew by cell phone. When requested by a search team leader, the ambulance could be dispatched to specific search areas in the field. Immediate transportation to a hospital could be provided if needed.

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