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4.9 Debriefing

Debriefing involves collecting as much information as possible from returning search teams, evaluating their findings, and channeling that information as appropriate.

Debriefing teams will be needed throughout the day as teams continue to return. Generally debriefers are needed from noon to 7PM.

The Debriefing team consists of an interviewer and a notetaker. Interview Guidelines, based on those of the Heidi Search Center (See Figure: Interview Guidelines),) provide guidance for the interviewer.

Some training or prior experience is required. At a minimum, the debriefers should be familiar with the maps of the areas being searched and the search procedures being used. Debriefers should remember to take their time, don't rush, be positive, smile, make the searchers feel comfortable, and thank them.

A professional or experienced search team may be able to debrief themselves before their interview with the debriefer.

The Debriefing team interfaces with:

Equipment Needed

The Debriefing team needs the following equipment and supplies:

Individual search forms, maps, and search team photo should be collected from returning team leaders.

A Debriefer assigned to the returning team will:

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