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4.4 Briefing

Briefers will be needed throughout the day as search teams form and depart. More briefers are needed in the morning when most search teams are formed.

Briefers should remember to be positive, to smile and to thank the volunteers. They should deliver information about the situation in a way that will inform the searchers, yet maintain the integrity of the investigation. The searcher's job is to find as much information as possible without disclosing any key elements that may be important. They should be asked to use discretion about their conversations, and to use their judgment about any information they find or reveal.

Two forms are used in Briefing: the Briefing Form (See Figure: Briefing Form) and the Search Team Roster Form (See Figure: Search Team Roster Form). Both forms should be completed as a search team is briefed.

Equipment Needed

The briefing room should be closed, away from the public and media. It should be equipped with:

Briefing the Search Team

After the search team is assembled there are several tasks that need to be done at the Recovery Center:

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