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1. Introduction

The focus of the Recovery Center is to recover the missing child.

A Recovery Center represents a triangle of trust among a missing child's family, law enforcement, and the community. It is support to the family, an adjunct to law enforcement and a focus for the community. It is hoped that the Laura Recovery Center Manual will help you build that triangle of trust.

The LRC Manual was written from the lessons learned during the heart-breaking search for Laura Kate Smither. To anyone who needs this Manual, our prayers will be with you for a safe recovery of the missing child. We offer you the following Mission Statement:

We come together as a community with a single purpose in mind: to recover a missing child. We undertake this mission, blind to all distractions, without prejudice or egos. We will be mindful of the needs of the missing child's family, and include them as partners in the search. We will support the efforts of the law enforcement agencies and share all information obtained during the search. We will do no harm to the community or to a possible criminal investigation. We will work together diligently and prayerfully.

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